Cultivate Compassion Through Creativity!

Hi all! If you miss this session from the WeVideo Summit check it out here!

Have you found a curiosity on how to use video lessons in your school or even virtual classroom? Are you CURIOUS on how you may utilize a Green Screen or video production to teach MINDFULNESS and SEL skills? If you answered β€œYES!”, then this session is for YOU! We as educators are always looking for innovative ways to inspire creativity and wonder in our students. We are also in a time in education that SEL (Social Emotional Learning) and incorporating MINDFULNESS in our schools is more important than anything else we teach. Therefore, I have found a way to incorporate #MindfulSEL practices into creative video production that will cultivate compassion in ANY classroom! Join me for a guaranteed uplifting and Mindful session!

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I have to say this was an outstanding session give it a look, you will not be disappointed!


Agreed, very cool! :smiley:

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WOW! Thank you so much Ron! So grateful for your kind words!